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Lessons and tales from a modernday gunfighter paperback 1996. See all formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Lymans 4th edition on cast bullets loading manual,many good articles are in this manual and just like posted above,glen fryxell has excellent articles on his sitejohn h. It comes down to bullet design first, and velocity second. When i first started big game hunting, most serious hunters handloaded their own ammunition. The hunting gun is a short novella presented largely in epistolary form. The nra cast bullet book is long out of print as is the only supplement i know of. The hunting gun by yasushi inoue, michael emmerich kirkus. Bullets are made in varied shapes and constructions depending on the intended applications, including specialized functions such as hunting. Besides clear and concise writing that clarifies the complexities of ballistic coefficients and. Combined technology moly bullets and stainless barrels. A definitive study dave campbell, richard mann, john barsness, craig boddington, john haviland, ron spomer, bryce towsley on. New book ballistic performance of rifle bullets from.

Throughout the story well be following jay, an exmarine turned prepper and chauvinistic pig that is apparently also gods gift to women. It begins with the narrator relating how he came to publish a poem called the hunting gun in a magazine put out by the hunters club of japan which a friend of his edits. See more ideas about guns, hunting and hunting girls. I read dozens of books every year, if not more, related to hunting and ive seen plenty of good books, a few great ones and a handful of awful reads too. Oct 28, 2015 hornady has just announced a new allrange hunting bullet designed for optimum performance regardless of whether the shot is very close or very far. Thats not surprising considering the number of choices hunters have. Feb 18, 2007 bullets are firmly seated in cartridges. Only one cartridge can be in the chamber at a time, thats right behind the barrel and where the business of a firearm takes place.

David williams, founder of hunters supply has set a new world record with a air force. A common testing method is used to determine performance for all brands of bullets. Five best reloading books every ammunition reloader needs. A bullet is a kinetic projectile and the component of firearm ammunition that is expelled from the. Hammer bullets shoot page 3 long range hunting forum. The hammer bullets gave this old 270 allen magnum new life since this time, brian and steve have gotten their web site up and running and offer many different bullet options from 243 cal up to 375 cal. I was around 50 rounds with the 181 hammer hunter without cleaning. The classic hunter bullet from berger, for those who are not familiar, is meant to be a highly accurate reloading tip that effectively feeds from a magazine. They have been making copper and brass bullets for some years and have a good reputation. Whether youre making bulk ammo for plinking, creating the perfect hunting round, or building the best ammunition for a 500 yard shot, midsouth has the right rifle bullet for your reloading recipe.

They make bullets for conventional twist barrels as well as the longer more exotic bullets for the fast twist barrels. I dont know the values in game but my friend is a hunter irl, and the expansion means that once the bullet enters the body, the bullet expands into a mushroom this is to inflict as much internal damage as possible and make it bleed a lot. Muzzleloaders for hunters is the first of a series of eight ebooks in the muzzleloading short shots series published in 20. Bullets of 9099 grains are usually intended for small to medium size cxp2 game, such as pronghorn antelope, colombian blacktail deer and. Since leadfree bullets are becoming popular, the barnes reloading book should be on your reloading bookshelf. Since 1947, sierra bullets has been dedicated to manufacturing the most accurate bullets in the world. Hunting with the cast bullet it seems the first question that comes to the mind of many neophyte users of cast bullets is, are they effective for hunting purposes. They may still be doing this, but new members to the cast bullet assc. Free shipping and pickup in store on eligible orders.

Elmer merrifield keith march 8, 1899 february 14, 1984 was an idaho rancher, firearms enthusiast, and author. Theres dozens of cartridges out there that will get the job done when it. For hunters, shooters, and collectors by robert forker at indigo. The buying menu is something youll have to get used to, some bullets like the starting ones are 0 since they are free. You will find a detailed analysis of rifle bullets used for varmints, deer, big game, muzzleloaders and dangerous gameas well as information on cast bullets. If you buy them youll have to drag them from storage to equipment or backpack, i dont quite remember. They all work, and the 243 should work good, just use a bullet 90 grain and up that is constructed well. The nosler ballistic tip and sierra game king will still perform well at. The first quarter of the book is devoted to the making of the weapon, and contains so much detail that some readers will find it tedious.

If you cast your own bullets, our crimpon gas checks will enhance their. Today, after filtering through all the texts ive read over the years, im attempting to compile the most comprehensive list of recommended books for hunters ever created. In the days when handgun cartridges tended to fire large, slow bullets like the popular. They are conventional soft point bullets with tapered jackets and flat bases.

Hello, i just bought polymer 243 ammo but i dont understand how to change ammunitions in my rifle. Using rifle cast bullets for hunting 308 win gun and game. I figured i would knock the powder out with slip 2000 and then check for copper fouling. If you ever dreamed of combining a tough, bonded hunting bullet and a matchgrade accurate projectile without sacrificing any aspect of performance, then youll be pleased to learn about federal. It does, however, have the effect of creating a romantic, nostalgic reverence for the heft and warmth of a finely crafted weapon, which makes its final act all the more poignant. Sierra pro hunter bullets are the best selling bullets on the market.

The new extremely low drag expanding eldx bullets feature highestinclass ballistic coefficients and the company claims consistent, controlled expansion at all practical hunting. Inoues first book, published in japan in 1949, recounts a tragic love triangle from the different perspectives of those affected. This book came out of the number of emails i get on my website and my column in the african hunter magazine. Reliable performance for hunting, selfdefense, and law enforcement applications. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

This book provides highly accurate ballistic performance data for over 724 modern rifle bullets from. Hunters supply cast lead bullets, hunting, cowboy and big. May 08, 2014 other books in this series to be published this year will be book 2, buying used muzzleloading guns, which will be available in the next few days, book 3, shooting and maintaining your. Keith was an avid handgun hunter in the earliest days of the sport, and often hunted medium game. It had very little carbon build up and hardly any copper visible on the riflings. This book is both highly useful and somewhat infuriating at once. The ultimate recommended reading list for hunters wired. Bullets like the swift aframe and scirocco ii, the speer grand slam, the hornady gmx and the barnes tsx will greatly improve the performance of the.

Allan brown the official history of winchester firearms and ammunition from 1849 to the present. There have never been more bullet choices for todays shooters and hunters, and in this. Smaller lungs bigger heart thicker bone structure than a deer larger shoulder plate. Mar 09, 2017 i got 3 bison today, 1 with polymer tip bullets from a. Use this rifle caliber chart to pick the right ammo for hunting. In blood, brains, and bullets the author sean liebling gives us an unbelievable yet extremely entertaining tale of what could happen in the eventual zombie apocalypse. They are known for accuracy and fast expansion, which leads to quick kills on class 2 game.

Allan brownthe official history of winchester firearms and ammunition from 1849 to the present. Berger expands classic hunter line the firearm blog. Vintage trapping magazines paperback by russ carmen fox,muskrat general trapping. A detailed book for any double rifle owner but directed toward the novice. I wonder at the lackluster performance that gets reported about the 3574144 magnums on deer, whether from rifles or handguns. Rifle bullets for sale bulk rifle bullets for reloading. Midsouth offers some of the best prices on bulk rifle bullets for reloading from great brands like hornady, berger, nosler, sierra, and more. The buying button should be somewhere on the right of your screen. Through their worldwide hunting experiences and exposures to a myriad of bullet testing investigarions, the authors have broken down terminal bullet performance to the nuts and bolts. A complete guide to guns, gear, and game for the blackpowder hunter nra hunter skills series by murray jeff and pifer doug.

This fabulous achievement was made possible with the texan tuning and the big bore airgun pellet. Most of the lighter 243 bullets are intended to be varmint bullets and open up fast. Granted, there is no way to reliably predict bullet performanceor, more succinctly, games reaction to the bullet impactbut still, my ancestors harvested one hell of a lot of deer with the win 73 x 4440 that i now own, and its 200215 grain. Cartridges are kept in a storage area called a magazine some are tube style, others are removable or fixed and revolver magazines are called cylinders. Combined with comprehensive instructions on testing rifle bullets and how to interpret the results, this book is the most complete study of rifle bullets for the hunter ever published. The book begins with a framing device that feels oldfashioned yet contemporary in its selfconsciousness. Ballistics for the rifle hunter paperback august 1, 2001 by warren gullett author 3. T30609 chartwell books, edison, new jersey 2004, wide 8vo, more than 400 pages, illustrated with over 300 photographs in full color and more than 165 in black and white, pictorial endpapers in color, photographs by g. Ballistic performance of rifle bullets 3rd edition. Sierra prohunter bullets are the best selling bullets on the market.

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