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Pitch perfect 2 510 movie clip groovy like a drivein. Groovie goolies is an american animated television show that had its original run on network television between 1970 and 1971. Talking the talk from groovy to tight, slang expresses. Iil using phrases like groovy like a drive in movie and. Top synonym for groovy another word for groovy is great. The spread operator is nullsafe, meaning that if an element of the collection is null. Set at a decrepit castle, the show focused on its monstrous inhabitants, who were primarily goodnatured.

All the movie makers of the world would be, falling over backwards to have dinner with me. It is both a static and dynamic language with features similar to those of python, ruby, and smalltalk. The narrator describes his and the other parents of other teens who like fast cars. Allows the usage of addshutdownhook without getting the runtime first. Sounds perfect wahhhh, i dont wanna groovy like a drive in movie. Apr 10, 2017 the true meaning of the movie grease is actually given away when danny zuko gets to drive the greased lightning car in the drag race on thunder road. Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more. Groovy like a drivein movie the twentysecond element titanium22 summary. Groovy like a drive in movie drive in movie, movie night. A drivein theater or drivein cinema is a form of cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand and a large. Technically, is the only map with size returning 0 is untrue. Pitch perfect 2 snoop dogg and anna kendrickwinter wonderlandhere comes santa claus duration. Note that this methods return value is based on realised methods and does not take into account objects or classes that implement invokemethod or methodmissing.

Groovy synonyms, groovy antonyms merriamwebster thesaurus. Pitch perfect 2 510 movie clip groovy like a drivein movie 2015 hd. Groovy like a drive in movie the twentysecond element titanium22 summary. It can be used as both a programming language and a scripting language for the java platform, is compiled to java virtual machine jvm bytecode, and interoperates seamlessly with other java. Its idiomatic groovy to use the leftshift method for append actions on strings, buffers, streams, arrays, etc and thats what youre seeing here. Groovy language documentation apache groovy documentation. Aug 31, 2019 groovy like a drive in movie groovy like a drive in movie.

Iil using phrases like groovy like a drive in movie and chillin like bob dylan, what other goofy phrases would i like. Other newborns of the 1970s may have gotten their names from some of the biggest stars of the decade, like jamey sheridan, ricky nelson, julie andrews, and carrie fisher. Groovy like a drivein movie aspiring storyteller makingpeoplehappierer professional caps typer commissions are closed atns webcomic wip blog posts. A variant of the name sarah dates back to the old testament as the name for abrahams wife, the matriarch of the. Information and translations of groovy in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. The energy and fast tempo is coming from sublimating the teenage boys sexual energy into cars that he thinks will attract girls. How to choose an sd card for best performance and compatibility.

A great memorable quote from the pitch perfect 2 movie on snoop dogg. There are lots of possible map instances with size 0, and they definitely dont all have reference equality. By the mid60s, the wordmeaning excellent or fashionable, as in being in a groovy place, digging the groovy sounds, etc. Talking the talk from groovy to tight, slang expresses teens rite of passage. Iterates over the elements of a collection, and checks whether at least one element is true according to the groovy truth. The energy and fast tempo is coming from sublimating the teenage boys sexual. Groovy is originally an expression from jazz, meaning musical, playable, as in a groovy record. The groovy movie game show video 1997 quotes on imdb. I love the smell of napalm in the morning, apocalypse nows most memorable line, is uttered calmly and wistfully by lt.

They will all be equal, though assuming they dont get mutated, which is probably what you meant. Thunderbolts are clearly the main weapon of zeus, god of the sky. Sep 10, 2017 soapui is essentially an automation tool and groovy script gives you a free hand in tweaking the test cases and exploring the possibilities of testing your web service using various test scenarios. Expressions containing parentheses like method calls, curly braces for closures. Groovy like a drive in movie aspiring storyteller makingpeoplehappierer professional caps typer commissions are closed atns webcomic wip blog posts.

Drive movie stickers featuring millions of original designs created by independent. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Or take a long vacation to san tropez, and think of all the money i made. I wonder if amazon forgot to burn the special features to the disc with the. Iil using phrases like groovy like a drive in movie and chillin like.

Urban dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to. To be groovy was to be a cool person youre groovy, baby, while one could also use it. Mar 02, 2009 groovy was a word that they used to use a lot a couple of decades ago. Definition of groovy groovier, grooviest in the dictionary. A groovy script is fully parsed, compiled, and generated before executing similar to python and ruby. This killer track from abbey road got its start as a quickie acoustic song written for timothy leary, but once lennon brought it to the group come together took on an entirely new life.

Apr 17, 2020 pauls bass line doesnt sound like anything else from their catalog, and the sludgy, funky chorus informed rock n roll throughout the 1970s. German words for groovy include toll, fetziger, fetzigen and grooviger. I love this vintageretro art print groovy like a drive thru movie. Pitch perfect 2 is a nonsensical copyandpaste job popmatters. Apache groovy is a javasyntaxcompatible objectoriented programming language for the java platform. Inspiring people to think, feel, and do since 2000. Romance me girl come dance with me girl i needa girl that groovy groovy lemme take you to a movie yeahh girl romance me girl come dance with me. Apr 12, 2014 heard a phrase the other day, was groovy like a drive in movie. So it actually sounds pretty frickin groovy, to my mind, if i do say so meself. Well, of courseive just been sitting by the pool all day. A subreddit for people who are in search of new, relevant media whether it be music, tv shows, movies, or anything else. Anyone know any other coolsounding metaphors or sayings that are similar to this.

What if ford like took bills place in this one like bringing him back through the portal would be even worse because he wants to destroy the world. An early use of the word is in the trailer to the 1947 film miracle on 34th street, which depicts various viewers reactions to the films, wherein a few of the younger viewers use the word groovy to describe the film. What is the groovy in groovy, the bitwise operators can be overridden with the leftshift methods defined on the class. Unlike java, a groovy source code file can be executed as an uncompiled script, if it contains code outside any class definition, if it is a class with a main method, or if it is a runnable or groovytestcase. Third installment to inevitable series completed adventure romance our love for those who we really, truly love is interminable. Drive in definition, a motionpicture theater, refreshment stand, bank, or other public facility designed to accommodate patrons in their automobiles. Its groovy like a drivein movie, he says of his own work.

People who came of age during the peaceandlove counterculture revolution may have been attracted to natureinspired baby names, like crystal, april, heather, or micah. By making groovy movies, by making groovy movies, by making groovy movies. Colonel kilgore robert duvall as his men risk their lives storming a beach behind him. Definition of feel groovy in the idioms dictionary. I was surprised to discover recently while watching the original movie trailer for miracle on 34th street, which was produced in 1948, that the word groovey was used in one of the big graphic headlines which scrolled over the video. I respected trudeau as a politician but preferred boys my own age, with long hair, torn jeans and a penchant for using the word groovy between bong hits. Created by filmation, groovie goolies was an original creation of the studio. Groovy like a drivein movie the twentysecond element. The term was adopted by the musically inclined countercultures of beatniks and hippies. Im a product of the 60s when we used the word groovy constantly. How to say groovy in german thesaurus and word tools. And it the only reason i still use the word groovy to this day. Aug 17, 2001 these bay area drivein movie theaters are reopening. Based on the smell of weed in the air, i bet some people in here are.

For example, imagine a dsl which goal is to drive a rover on mars remotely. In the following, youll find a brief definition of terms you may come across as. Go behind the scenes with this starstudded guide to the movie industry, meet anxious actors and dastardly directors, get animated by an az of cartoon capers and see if the groovy movie screen test gets you on the road to stardom. Its a darkly absurd moment in francis ford coppolas 1979 vietnam movie, but the line is also something many of us have said with a grin as were surrounded by more benign chaos. And by outright screaming, am i in no way opposed to heavy stuff, but its got to have meaning. For example, when you buy a movie, you may have an option to. Weve found 1,460 lyrics, 3 artists, and 50 albums matching groovy. Information about groovy in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms.

The back of the box list special features such as commentary, deleted scenes etc. Groovy like a movie is san diegos premiere production company. Get youtube premium get youtube tv best of youtube music sports gaming movies tv shows news. Heard a phrase the other day, was groovy like a drive in movie. I am pluto never forget, never forget okay im so groovy, i got power im so groovy, i got power thats your bitch. Returns an object satisfying groovy truth if the implementing metaclass responds to a method with the given name regardless of the arguments. The xrating is a leftover from cdrom speed ratings, which is why its such a ridiculously high number kind of like horsepower and car engines. Proper usage and audio pronunciation plus ipa phonetic transcription of the word groovy. Secret meaning of the movie grease greek gods paradise. Groovy seems like the only way to describe the aesthetic of the yellow submarine movie. However, it is probably more advantageous to become familiar with the spring ecosystem first.

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