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This example of the bicolor dss images in interstellarum deep sky guide shows m 33. It is an innovative, practical tool for you to choose and find stars, star clusters. The interstellarum deep sky atlas set a new high standard for modern celestial cartography. On one of the links below to download the corresponding page as a pdf file.

Deep sky hunter is a large, comprehensive atlas a3, 110 maps and the earlier release thesky is an older, lighter version a4, 80 maps. Welcome to this website, which is devoted to deep sky ds observing, my. Deep sky hunter star atlas which i printed last year and use for observation plans. These atlases also limit the number of plotted deepsky objects to only those visible through a 4inch telescope. Free, printable sky maps in pdf format, designed for a practical field use by deep sky observers.

I have prepared a pdf document with the first 5800 maps. Premiumausgaberonaldstoyanpdf onlinelesen 264seiten isbn. Download pdf interstellarum deep sky atlas desk edition. The moon planets stars and deep sky objects book download free. And another pdf file listing the best 1 ds objects with constellation maps. The atlas is optimized for viewing under a red flashlight. Printable pdf deep sky atlas for serious visual astronomy. Deepsky hunter star atlas 2nd revision 12mb pdf full version which includes cover, index, and supplement charts and covers entire sky. The same team now presents the interstellarum deep sky guide, its unique observing companion. Thanks to its revolutionary new concept, it is aimed at users of all experience levels. So depending on what exactly you are searching, you will be able to choose ebooks to suit your own needs. The evening sky map pdf is a 2page monthly guide to the night sky suitable for all sky watchers including newcomers to astronomy.

I have a unique star atlas, in my opinion the best star atlas, which i prepared myself with. First release offers scale similar to sky atlas 2000, and the second. The observers sky atlas contains star charts and information for all those who observe the night sky with unaided eyes, with binoculars, or with small telescopes. Pdf interstellarum deep sky atlas download full pdf. Download pdf interstellarum deep sky atlas desk edition free speier. Unusual features of the atlas include marking up dark nebulae, something often overlooked on modern star atlases, and marking up many deep sky objects by. Aditionally, the drawing of m 33 with an 14inch newtonian gives an impression what may be seen visually.

The interstellarum deep sky atlas heralds a new era of celestial cartography. If you like what you see, click here to purchase the pocket sky atlas from our. Definitely, it was very mediocre observing place for deep sky, by the border of the dome of. Click here for a newer and more detailed second release of deep sky hunter star atlas, which covers the entire sky designed for a3. Here is the access download page of interstellarum deep sky atlas desk edition pdf. I created this atlas in 2007 as a field aid for observing deep sky objects. There are many great star atlases and catalogs of deepsky objects that make good subjects for.

It is an innovative, practical tool to choose and find stars, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. It is an innovative, practical tool for you to choose and find stars, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. I recently bought the pockey sky atlas and, while its lovely, it doesnt go deep enough, so i tend to use it for grab and go, quick observations under moderately dark skies, or binocular tours. It has approximately same scale as sky atlas 2000, features stars up to 9. Usually, deep sky objects are shown with just a standard symbol in the star charts.

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